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Another draw … AAAAARRRGGHHH !!

It’s that point of the season where i’m a frustrated man utd supporter.

Yeah …. We’re turning into arsenal at this rate, i can’t even imagine i just typed that.

So we drew again last night, to be honest , i wish i hadn’t stayed up all night for that. Like what the heck was that. A couple of issues we need to adress


Couple of pointers on this. Can somebody at Carrington do something about our finishing in the final third. It’s like Mourinho is playing manager career in FIFA 17 and he skips all the finishing training sessions for the strikers before the match. Let me explain why i genuinely feel no work is being put in with our finishing. Look at our defending and midfield… We probably have one of the best defences in Europe at the moment. We rarely concede goals, which means there’s loads of effort being put into training on our defense.

We really need to start scoring goals or we’ll be out of both the top 4 race and europa. There are no two ways to it.

I love Marcus Rashford. Lord Marcus Rashford of house stretford, first of his name, defender of the realm of old trafford, slayer of everytthing london and merseyside, true king in Manchester. I love him, he is the future, but we need a nother finisher. Probably griezeman. They can play off each other like the fergie system where two strikers play off each. His time will come, the load might just be too heavy for hi9m alone right now. Which brings me to Zlatan,.. He also needs to work off another striker, prefarably Griezeman too. What i’m saying here is we really need another quality finisher and it would really help if it was Griezeman.


This guy is like that thing you really don’t know what it does even when its supposed to be doing something. Playing Felli off Zlatan last night was probaly the worst thing that happened on that pitch. This guy is not a striker. It is as simple as that… He should not in any way be our goal scoring option.


It might be too late to say this, but i wish we hadn’t sold anyone in January. We probaly would have more options right now even with memphis and bastian. The injuries have started piling up and the squad is running thin.


Mou is definitely the man to lead us forward but his tactics need to change. You simply cant be playing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results. The team selection is an issue too. Our best players need to be out there to boost their confidence. Mikhitaryan and Martial need to be playing when they are fit. They need the match rythm. Keeping them out is doing no good at all. Mou needs to change his tactics, if he keeps repeating the same thing we’ll go 40 games unbeaten with 30 of them being draws.


#HeartBroken …. AGAIN !!!


If somehow this blog post manages to find itself being read by anyone at Old Trafford please make sure Mr.Louis Van Gaal reads it.

To the matters at hand now……..

You broke my heart Man Utd… For the umpteenth time this season… You left me in shambles. I couldn’t even sleep well last night, kept waking up every two hours angry at the horrid display that i had just watched.

Can we discuss that first half. WHAT WAS THAT ?? In all fairness after the champions league exit displays i honestly did not expect us to sink any lower. That first 45 minutes felt like we were trying to discover oil deposits in the ocean floor somewhere in the pacific. Did nobody realize that we were fighting for a top 4 spot ??? Apart from De Gea (as always) and Rooney, even Martial was nowhere in that first half, NOBODY seemed bothered to do anything.

We couldn’t even move the ball forward !! Apart from the two I’ve mentioned. Everybody else looked scared to make a forward pass. we were just moving the ball sideways and backwards. I thought we were done with this ??? In what was seemingly THE BIGGEST game of our season… THERE WAS NO URGENCY !! NOTHING !!! Too many individual mistakes. Pointing out individuals would take an entire day, let’s not even go there. There was no fight , no hunger !! Did nobody realize what was at stake ??

I am Heart Broken … I am Disappointed !!

Dear Mr. Van Gaal… i have probably been your fiercest defender all season long but last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I can’t defend you anymore. I’m sorry. Should Mr. Ed Woodward find it necessary to let you see out your last year of your contract please go to church and ask for divine intervention because you now need it.We are in this predicament not just because of one game but because of among other things that spell of ten games or so in which we failed to score a goal. Your tactics and team selection have been seriously wanting. I really wish you’d watch tv pundits once in a while since clearly nobody in your coaching team seems to be telling you to STOP PLAYING people out of position. You need to stop being stubborn and listen to the people around you.

That De Gea has been our best player the last two seasons says a lot about our kind of play. We are a defensive side. The tactics being used are not attacking ones.

Also should Mr.Woodward let you stay YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BUY PLAYERS this summer. You’ve seen what injuries can do so please stock up well. I love the academy graduates but they’re also getting injured. They’re playing too many games. We need a squad with enough QUALITY players… Not just numbers. We can’t just rely on the U21s anymore. We need AT LEAST 1 striker , 2 wingers, a midfielder ,a full back and a centre back.

Last night was our chance to get that top 4 spot and now it is all gone… City are CLEARLY hungrier than us for it and they’ll go out all gun blazing on Sunday. I really hope we at least win that game or the FA if we are to even have a chance of playing in Europe.

Forget all the positive things that can be drawn from last night. As few as they are. Martial probably being the main one. There are way too many things that need fixing. The back passing of all things is killing me. I thought we were done with this ?? Also explain to me like a 6 year old why BLIND is our corner taker. When was the last time we scored from a Blind corner ????  Do we not know how to defend set pieces ??? I really hope SHOULD YOU STAY that you get your house in order. We are slowly becoming a mediocre club.

Once again, on behalf of Man Utd supporters all around the world….


Goodbye UCL … Hello Europa !!

Darmian injured

This picture summarizes everything that happened last night.

We’re out of the champions league and we’re out of defenders.

Let’s start with what went wrong last night.

  • Our Injury list finally caught up with us.

We now have 9 senior players out on Injury … Shaw, Valencia, Rojo , Jones , Schneiderlin, Herrera , Rooney , Darmian and Smalling. Take note that seven out of 9 players there are defensive players. Our U21s have had to step at a critical time. The two young full backs gave a good account of themselves. I have no complaints there but champion league needs more experience.

  • The games we gave away against PSV and CSKA haunted us.

Last night was a good reminder that you need to deal with business earlier. Leaving it all  for the last game of the group is not such a good idea.  The whole philosophy will now have to come under scathing review. We would have wrapped up this group way earlier were it not for those draws that frankly we gave away. The whole possession slow build up idea has cost us a place in the last 16

  • The defending was just not good enough last night

I would like to blame this on the made up defense an injuries seeing as before this game we were the best defensive unit in Europe. So for today i will let this slide. We just had a bad day in the office defensively yesterday.

To what went right yesterday

  • We finally scored GOALS !!!!

We finally played attacking football yesterday. I don’t which section of the philosophy this is but i prefer this attacking football to the possession one. We also had a good account against west ham… We had 21 shots on goal … Which is a very good improvement from our previous games. Can LVG please stick to this brand of attacking football …  It however seems to have a demerit. Our defending on Counter attacks is simply atrocious and our man marking is down there with Donald Trump’s IQ.

  • Memphis , Martial & The other youngsters.

I feel all the youngsters gave a good account of themselves. Being in the ‘INTENSE’ limelight at United does nothing to help with the pressure. They are making good progress. The two full backs yesterday had a good game. Lingard continues to shine , with his disallowed goal. I am glad that even  the philosophy acknowledges that the younger players have something to give.

I’m still sad that we left at the group stage. Hopefully nest season we will go further.

For now … Hello Europa League …. Thursdays just got more interesting.




I’m a frustrated Man United fan…..

The last two man Utd games have left me utterly frustrated !!!

I understand how important stats are and i want to look at a few. Compared to the last three seasons , we have in this season the highest tally of points after 10 games. This is a good sign definitely and i am happy. Which definitely means that things are obviously getting better at Carrington and Old Trafford.

Second stat i want to look at is the first 45 minutes of the Manchester Derby yesterday. In the opening 45 minutes , Rooney who was playing as the main striker and who btw is my favorite player and whose number i have printed on my jersey… See images below

WP_20151014_22_40_58_Pro WP_20151014_22_41_17_Pro

So Rooney  had ZERO touches on the ball IN THE BOX… For an entire 45 minutes … We basically had zero shots on target that entire half.

Meanwhile , our best player and the best option for playing as the striker was playing on the left wing.

Surely … i might not be a champions league winning coach but LVG got it wrong on that tactic. same as he did the CSKA game… These are both games that we should have won COMFORTABLY !!!

I feel like LVG needs to start watching some of the pundits on BT Sport every once in a while. Maybe even call up both Gary Lineker and Gary Neville for some hard hitting truth about his team.

I completely fail to see why Martial is being played on the wing…. I need someone to explain to me like a 7 year old.

We are frustrated !!

We are not asking for a new team, we are simply crying out for players to be played in their natural and best positions. In this particular case it is Martial.

The rest of the team is okay, we have concede the 2nd least number of goals so far meaning our defense is okay. Smalling and his team are the real heroes of Old Trafford so far. Our midfield is on point. What is killing us is our forwards. LVG is killing us by making Martial have to pass 5 players to get into the box instead of 2.

I really hope someone literally knocks some sense into him before the cup tie.

Gunned down at the Emirates !!!!

Gunned down

First of all credit to Arsenal , they were the better team yesterday.

This will go down as our worst performance this season. It can’t get worse

I have not seen a more clueless man utd team than in the first 45 minutes at the emirates on Sunday. Van Gaal said it himself in the post match interview , he also cant explain how NOBODY followed the game plan. There needs to be a serious team sit down to discuss that loss.

There didn’t seem to be a game plan in the first place …. Sanchez’s first goal caused more confusion than wake us up. Nobody seemed to know what to do.

Our midfield was dead… It was as non-existent as VW’s clean diesel engine.

Rooney needs to be benched for at least two games or go get a holiday like Sterling did to Jamaica. His form is worrying. Sadly so for those who view him as the embodiment of everything that is Manchester United. As our captain it is on him to fire us forward. As i keep saying , we are AutoBots and he is our Optimus Prime. He was not Optimus Prime yesterday.

LVG  needs to re-evaluate his midfield plan because that is where we were beat yesterday. Cazorla and Ozil tore us open with every touch. Bastian and Carrick were outpaced to everything.

We lost every duel, every second ball , we lost all the challenges yesterday.

This is where LVG will earn his dues. He needs to rewatch that game over and over and do what needs to do. He is the only one that can lead us back. We might complain all week long but this is now on LVG to put his troops in order.

Memphis seems to be going through what Di Maria experienced. He is starting to settle into the league and its not going as we had all expected. He is 21 though, he will come through.

We lacked Urgency, Pace, Drive , Brilliance.

We were too flat yesterday.

 You lose some , you win some…On to the next one

All in all …. This is Manchester United … We always Bounce back !!

#GGMU !!! United to the core !!