Another draw … AAAAARRRGGHHH !!

It's that point of the season where i'm a frustrated man utd supporter. Yeah .... We're turning into arsenal at this rate, i can't even imagine i just typed that. So we drew again last night, to be honest , i wish i hadn't stayed up all night for that. Like what the heck was … Continue reading Another draw … AAAAARRRGGHHH !!


#HeartBroken …. AGAIN !!!

If somehow this blog post manages to find itself being read by anyone at Old Trafford please make sure Mr.Louis Van Gaal reads it. To the matters at hand now........ You broke my heart Man Utd... For the umpteenth time this season... You left me in shambles. I couldn't even sleep well last night, kept … Continue reading #HeartBroken …. AGAIN !!!

Goodbye UCL … Hello Europa !!

This picture summarizes everything that happened last night. We're out of the champions league and we're out of defenders. Let's start with what went wrong last night. Our Injury list finally caught up with us. We now have 9 senior players out on Injury ... Shaw, Valencia, Rojo , Jones , Schneiderlin, Herrera , Rooney … Continue reading Goodbye UCL … Hello Europa !!

I’m a frustrated Man United fan…..

The last two man Utd games have left me utterly frustrated !!! I understand how important stats are and i want to look at a few. Compared to the last three seasons , we have in this season the highest tally of points after 10 games. This is a good sign definitely and i am … Continue reading I’m a frustrated Man United fan…..

Gunned down at the Emirates !!!!

First of all credit to Arsenal , they were the better team yesterday. This will go down as our worst performance this season. It can't get worse I have not seen a more clueless man utd team than in the first 45 minutes at the emirates on Sunday. Van Gaal said it himself in the … Continue reading Gunned down at the Emirates !!!!

Man Utd’s Season start preview…….

It is a good week to be a #MUFC supporter ..... 6 words ... Anthony Martial .... Debut ... Liverpool ... Stretford End !!!! A few things i'd like to discuss today The U-Turn of the year... Round of applause to LVG and our lord Sir Ed Woodward (who i feel deserves a knighthood from … Continue reading Man Utd’s Season start preview…….

An Open Letter to Di Maria …..

You gave up on us .... Way too fast !! You have everything it takes to become a United legend... You are a good player , the skill .. everything .. you have it .... You have what it takes to have your name sang for years at Stretford end. An exceptional player .... You're … Continue reading An Open Letter to Di Maria …..


I’m sure you all saw this coming … Today post is about my Gratitude towards Manchester United ……. I am grateful that there exists such a football club… The biggest football club in the world, the best football club … with the most amazing of people twined up in its history. To the people who … Continue reading GRATITUDE CHALLENGE : DAY 4 ….