Rendering Effects to Brighten your work.

The Cartoon Effect

You will be making a couple of project presentations to potential clients or showcasing various ideas for different proposals. The more creative or the more captivated your potential client is, the higher your chances of having that project kick-off. Most presentations are done using rendered 3d images accompanied by rendered floor plans.

It is no longer just okay to present a plain 3d image. You have to step out of the norm.

We’ll look at a couple of post-production techniques and effects that you can use to make your images more inviting and more interesting to look at. Before the computer age artistic impressions were created by hand and every now and then the image that would be the face of the project would be drawn up. You’d have to get a good artist to create your impression. With the computers, you do not have to be Micheal Angelo or Da Vinci to create a master piece.

You can use any basic rendering software to produce any of these images. Lumion, Sketch Up or Piranesi being the easiest ones to use for post-production effects.

The first style would be the picturesque sketch.

Sketch effect in Black and White
Sketch effect in Black and White

This style is compared to hand sketching with pencils. It can be done using plain black strokes or colored strokes. Remember the sketches you did in your first year in school? This effect is a mastery of the pencil work but now done using the computer. You can choose different pen weights for your image to get different results.

Sketch effect done using color

The 2nd effect you can use and which is probably my favorite is the watercolor effect. Remember your watercolor paint set from your primary school art and craft class? This effect comes mostly in full color though you can experiment with it in black and white. Unlike the sketching effect that works on the basis of line strokes, the watercolor effect goes against the linear and has a lot of distortion of edges and smudging. The edges of the images seem blurred out with no clarity on the background just the primary colors of the surrounding.

The Watercolor effect
The Watercolor effect

The oil painting effect is one you’d like to use if your clientele is a more sophisticated one. One that appreciates the mastery in the Van Gogh’s and the Picassos. It gives your images a rough textured feeling with an almost life-like bump gradient. You can try different settings to get different feels for the texture and the bump.

The Oil Painting Effect
The Oil Painting Effect

Another effect that I have found has a really positive influence on the client is ‘God’s Ray’. It is the use of light rays coming through the window to show a major source of light in the sky outside. The illusion of heavenly light streaming through the windows into the room. It gives an internal space a really life like feeling. You almost feel the warmth of the rays and helps the client visualize how the room looks with natural lighting and makes the idea/proposal more real for them.

Gods' ray
Gods’ ray

For projects that are meant to be fun or even focused on children I’d recommend the cartoon effect. It gives a playful appearance to the image. This effect is drawn from the children’s animated TV shows and movies.

The Cartoon Effect

For a classic look, for something retro. For a project whose concept is something ‘Old School’ the 80’s TV effect is highly recommended. Think of it as a screenshot straight out of an 80’s TV show just when colored TVs started being a thing.

Retro Tv Effect

These are just the basic effects that you can add to your image to bring it to life. You can even mix two or more effects depending on what you want to achieve. Hopefully these few tips will get your year started off on a good note. All the best in your presentations.


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