Another draw … AAAAARRRGGHHH !!

It’s that point of the season where i’m a frustrated man utd supporter.

Yeah …. We’re turning into arsenal at this rate, i can’t even imagine i just typed that.

So we drew again last night, to be honest , i wish i hadn’t stayed up all night for that. Like what the heck was that. A couple of issues we need to adress


Couple of pointers on this. Can somebody at Carrington do something about our finishing in the final third. It’s like Mourinho is playing manager career in FIFA 17 and he skips all the finishing training sessions for the strikers before the match. Let me explain why i genuinely feel no work is being put in with our finishing. Look at our defending and midfield… We probably have one of the best defences in Europe at the moment. We rarely concede goals, which means there’s loads of effort being put into training on our defense.

We really need to start scoring goals or we’ll be out of both the top 4 race and europa. There are no two ways to it.

I love Marcus Rashford. Lord Marcus Rashford of house stretford, first of his name, defender of the realm of old trafford, slayer of everytthing london and merseyside, true king in Manchester. I love him, he is the future, but we need a nother finisher. Probably griezeman. They can play off each other like the fergie system where two strikers play off each. His time will come, the load might just be too heavy for hi9m alone right now. Which brings me to Zlatan,.. He also needs to work off another striker, prefarably Griezeman too. What i’m saying here is we really need another quality finisher and it would really help if it was Griezeman.


This guy is like that thing you really don’t know what it does even when its supposed to be doing something. Playing Felli off Zlatan last night was probaly the worst thing that happened on that pitch. This guy is not a striker. It is as simple as that… He should not in any way be our goal scoring option.


It might be too late to say this, but i wish we hadn’t sold anyone in January. We probaly would have more options right now even with memphis and bastian. The injuries have started piling up and the squad is running thin.


Mou is definitely the man to lead us forward but his tactics need to change. You simply cant be playing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results. The team selection is an issue too. Our best players need to be out there to boost their confidence. Mikhitaryan and Martial need to be playing when they are fit. They need the match rythm. Keeping them out is doing no good at all. Mou needs to change his tactics, if he keeps repeating the same thing we’ll go 40 games unbeaten with 30 of them being draws.


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