This Blog & The Owner

My friends call me Babyblu … At times they call me Possum….

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I’ll be an Architect one day … i want to change Kenya through architecture… That’s all i dream about.

My life is based on Galatians 5: 14 , Phil 4 : 11 & Romans 3 : 20 – Β 31 … These are the ultimate lessons that i have learnt and that i hope to pass on to future generations.

This blog is made up of the various moments in my life , the thoughts and ideas clashing in my head, My family and their unique moments , The light bulb moments i get from spending time with God reading scripture , My Various Architectural works , My football teams and the happy moments in my life.

Christ’s love for me in a single moment surpasses everything else that will ever happen to me.

Hope you enjoy your time spent here and if you like what you see … be generous and share ..


2 responses to “This Blog & The Owner

  1. Here is where we see more about BabyBlu πŸ™‚

  2. mwende ithalie

    Nice. I like! Mostly your love for God. The blog is pretty cool too…. How can i start mine?

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